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Work Desks

The biggest reason for renting a work desk is because you need a place to get work done. Maybe you travel for work and need a professional space to meet with clients. Maybe you just can't work well from home, you want a quiet place to work and make phone calls.

Suits entrepreneurs and small business owners who have a tight budget and want a lot of flexibility, plus all the amenities to succeed. 

The Launchpad gives you the power to work however, wherever, and whenever you need to. Browse our availability online or give us a call. 

Work desk setup with laptop


High Speed Internet

Accessible to all tenants

Flexible Leasing

Flexible month to month and long term leasing options

Conference Room

10 person; meet clients, plan, show presentations, etc.

Printing Station

Printer available to all tenants

Full service kitchen, coffee and tea for our tenants

Common Break Room

No need to park down the street

Private Parking
Starting as low as $300/mon
Work Desks come with these amenities
For more information or to book a viewing: 559-319-8662

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